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Mission statement. 

Here at Feeding the sheep. Bible, our goal is to raise generational disciples for Christ by keeping the believer fed with a working knowledge of the word of God and the resources they need to grow in Christ and every area of life. After salvation, A believers' responsibility is to know and understand who they are in Christ and everything that belongs to them at redemption. This is why 1 Timothy 2:4 tells us that while God wants to see us saved he's also interested in us coming to the knowledge of the truth. We see in the book of Hosea 4:1, God says "My people perish because they lack knowledge". These are not unbelievers whom the Lord spoke about but 'his own people'. Truly, they are now his chosen vessels but because they don't know him they will perish and fall like ordinary men. To be educated in life might cost something but ignorance is far more expensive. 

Some of the features on this app that can be of benefit to the believer:


1) Daily bible verses that will be sent out with commentary and explanation of the scriptures to help believers understand the word better. 

2) Summarizing specific books of the New Testament bible to help believers see what God is saying

3) Sending podcasts, sermon videos, gospel music, or anything that can help the believer become more matured in the faith

4) Ability to take notes on the app that'll help with studying. Could be sermon notes, bible study notes etc. 

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